About Us - Allrig Towing Service Ltd.

About Us

Allrig was founded nearly 20 years ago with strong roots in the trucking and towing industry. Staffed with a team of professionals with wide ranging experience, we possess a deep understanding of the needs of the motoring public, our harsh climate and geography, as well as the technology we employ in our business. At Allrig, we have the knowledge and experience to determine the right equipment for every job.

Just as each job is different, so is the equipment required. By sending the right equipment and operator every time, you can expect genuine professional service. Allrig makes it a priority to ensure that every job is as safe and cost-effective for the client as possible, understanding that lives, livelihoods and the environment depend on our performance. We take great pride in maintaining our vehicles, so that we can provide our customers with the best quality service. Whether it is a tire change on the side of the road, or a truck loaded with equipment in the ditch, our team is there with the experience and equipment to keep your business in motion.

Allrig Towing is trusted by customers ranging from individual vehicle owners to large, well-established corporations. Having accumulated almost 20 years in the industry, we are able to deliver our services with unmatched precision and speed. We work closely with several different types of local and national businesses, and have developed a keen understanding of the uniqueness of each business. Allrig is a traditional business that is built on integrity. We believe in making promises that we intend to keep, and then following up with action. When you call Allrig, you will always get a qualified operator to attend to your call.

We know that you have already had a bad day when you need us, so we strive to make the rest of your experience as pleasant as possible. Working closely with law enforcement, insurance companies and repair facilities here and abroad, we will do our best for you every time.